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Quality cooling, ventilation and air conditioning in Rochester NY

MGM HVAC is one of the most reliable, innovative and customer-oriented air conditioning and ventilation contractor in Rochester, NY. We specialize in residential HVAC systems installation and also maintenance, repairs.

Low air quality (i.e. damp, sticky and sluggish air) makes people feel uncomfortable and causes negative effect on health. Due to the specific climate patterns, it is highly recommended to use cooling system and central air in Rochester to avert heat exhaustion. To avoid health issues, it is required to use special air condition and ventilation systems that provide air flow and keep comfort temperature inside the house. We are glad to offer our clients with the best modern solutions on domestic cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning in Rochester, NY area.

Central Air systems in Rochester area

Air Conditioners are essential in keeping our homes cool and pleasant.

When choosing a cooling system for your home, you need to find the best combination of home comfort level, stable performance and best value possible.

That's why MGM HVAC installs one of the industry's top manufacturers of residential cooling systems: Amana.

Amana delivers a trustworthy and reliable air conditioners, that have quiet, energy-saving operation and outstanding long-term value.


Last but not least, Amana air conditioners are backed by an outstanding manufacturer's limited warranty: LIFETIME Unit Replacement Warranty, LIFETIME Compressor Limited Warranty, 10 Year Parts Limited.


Central air and ventilation installation in Rochester NY

Central air and ventilation systems must be properly installed to facilitate the circulation of air inside the house. We offer the full package of services that include ventilation installation, maintenance and replacement. Our technicians are well experienced, highly trained and have all the necessary skills to provide you with high-quality after-sales servicing.

Our company gives the best protection for your HVAC equipment. We offer a full guarantee on the air conditioning and ventilation systems at home. With us your air conditioner, ventilation and cooling system will function efficiently and effectively, helping you to look after your health and save costs.

MGM company offers central air systems and ventilation installation in or near Rochester NY: Brighton, Fairport, Gates, Greece, Henrietta, Irondequoit, Penfield, Pittsford, East Rochester, Victor, Webster.