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Heating and air conditioning company in Rochester NY — MGM

Since 2000, MGM heating and cooling has been providing and maintaining pleasant, safe, and energy-efficient home environments, while at the same time being committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Our licensed company provides you with plenty of services including not only installing, but repairing and maintaining functional furnaces, boilers, water heaters, air conditioners, and many more! So whether you need a new product installed, an old product repaired, or even a current product maintained, MGM is here for you.

Our approach of doing business is solely focused on customer satisfaction and is backed by the professionalism of our team members. Our team consists of hard working, honest, and respectful workers who pay much attention to even the smallest of detail. They will take the time to listen to your requests and give you advice that best suits your budget and needs.

Being a family owned business, we believe that word of mouth is the number one contributor to our success. Our approach of doing business is simple, yet meaningful - we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. It has enabled us to steadily build on our reputation as one of the highest quality and cost efficient HVAC companies in Rochester NY. Our motto is "MGM Heating and Cooling: Large enough to serve – Small enough to care".

Our primary aim is to satisfy our potential customers and provide them with high-quality service. We may not be the largest HVAC Company in Rochester, but that doesn’t stop us from satisfying our customers with our quality, efficiency, and even cost of our services. We make sure to do our job right so that our products and services will benefit you for a great amount of time.

When dealing with us you will receive not only superior heating and cooling in your home or office, but also a number of other benefits including:

  1. Many years of experience with various equipment, allowing us to service even the toughest units.
  2. Our staff is consisted of skilled, educated, and experienced workers, who are knowledgeable enough about any modern device.
  3. Our team makes all necessary preparations before starting their work, including creating a bill with the minimum cost to complete a job correctly and on time.
  4. We aim at doing our job as efficiently as possible while also paying as much attention to the quality of our work in order to create a long lasting solution and to inconvenience the owner as little as we can.
  5. MGM Heating and Cooling will always warn the customer about possible limitations of the suggested system before its installation so that the job can be done right the first time.

MGM has been steadily building its reputation in Rochester as one of the highest quality and cost efficient HVAC contractors. Being a family-owned business, positive feedback is the highest contributor to our success and customer appreciation is what we strive for. We appreciate our customers and provide them with the exclusive guarantee not only for the equipment functionality, but also the whole finished process. Our task is to make your home living environment a real pleasure and we enjoy improving its comfort, conditions and functionality. Check out what others have said about our work below or call us today for a free estimate, and see how we can improve your home at the lowest cost!